Framework of Communication for Data Analytics Projects

Data analytics projects can provide value to organizations, however, without proper communication, projects can lead to wasted resources. A manager should be focused on communicating the insights that come from the data projects so they can provide narrative around the problems and solutions (HBR 2018, 173). With this in mind, it is important for data analytics professionals to understand that their manager doesn’t need to necessarily know all the details of the data and modeling but to be able to understand the key takeaways from the data. By delivering a business manager information that ties directly back to the business questions they are asking, it will allow business managers to appreciate the value of the projects when they are crafting the narrative of their business solutions. By following a framework for communicating about data analysis projects, both managers and analysts can find value and simplify the process. A good framework involves ensuring there is communication around understanding the business problem, how to measure the business impact, what data is available, the initial solution hypothesis, the solution, and the business impact of the solution (HBR 2018, 175). If both managers and analysts are following this framework and communicating between each other at each step, it helps ensure that they all understand the value and direction that the project will achieve.

Author: Logan Callen


Harvard Business Review Press. 2018. HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers. Boston: Harvard Business Press.

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