Food Packaging and COVID Safety

One of the largest drivers of change involves resource constraints. However, with the recent pandemic, safety has become a new constraint that adds complexity to an already intricate set of resource issues. Tetra Pak, a food packaging company, looked at stakeholder engagement data to understand how sustainable food packaging and COVID-19 safety can be combined effectively. From the data, they see that a 33% increase in focus on food safety has occurred over the past year’s research, and half of those consumers think food safety should now be the number one priority. This information allowed organizational leaders to focus on not only creating more sustainable packaging, but to do it in a way that is also safer. Treka Pak’s CEO, Adolfo Orive, is now focusing on making the “ultimate sustainable food package” that will be made from renewable or recycle material, as well as meeting newer safety requirements (3BL Media, 2020). Tetra Pak’s annual reporting that includes a strong focus on stakeholder engagement allowed them to pivot from just working on a sustainable package to one that will better withstand other future disruptions as well. At a time of increasing constraints, this kind of innovative thinking is required to produce more efficient results.

Author: Logan Callen


3BL Media. 2020. “Tetra Pak Research Study Reveals Food Safety-Environment Dilemma Fostered by COVID-19 Pandemic.” Accessed January 5, 2021.

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