BTS Series Overview and BTS ARMY Questionnaire Answering

This video provides a quick overview of Riskless Review’s BTS series, as well as a quick personal background of Logan as well. After the introductions, Logan answers a series of questions from the Riskless Review ARMY questionnaire.

Download the BTS ARMY questionnaire to share on your own social media here: https://riskless.review/RisklessReview-BTSARMYquestions.png

How and When Did you Discover BTS?
September 2015; Dope music video!

List Your Three Favorite Things About BTS

Real discussion of depression and anxiety but focused on optimism and overcoming them in a real humble approach
Amazing production quality and hard work mindset
Progressive styling that is genre-less

Who Is Your Bias? Any Bias-Wreckers?
Jungkook –> Jin –> Jimin

Favorite Album?
Love Yourself: Her

Favorite Solo Song?
Jin’s ‘Awake’ – Orchestral, Lyrics, Voice!

Favorite Rap Line Song?
Ugh! – That beat and the energy!

Favorite Vocal Line Song?
Bojogae (DIMPLE) – Textures and bass flow!

Favorite Unit Song?
V and Jimin’s ‘Friends’ – Fun, Upbeat, Feel Good!

Favorite TV Appearances?
Love the time RM was trying to cut that onion for the first time. That whole episode he was in an interesting mood, lol!
BTS Carpool Karaoke

Have you Seen BTS Live?
Yes!!! LA 2018, NJ 2018, IL 2019, NJ 2019

When You First Saw BTS Who Stuck Out To You? Video and Live
When I first saw Dope, Suga stood out to me most. I liked his vocal tone and tough style
When I saw their soundcheck in LA at my first show, V’s looks blew me away. He looks like a Greek statue or something in person

Have you seen all their VLOGs, BOMBS, etc.?
Missing a few of the most recent VLOGs

Favorite Music Video?
Save Me

Favorite Choreography?
J-Hope’s ‘Boy Meets Evil’ solo routine

Your Three Least Favorite Things About BTS
Bucket hats!
Unnecessary use of auto-tune
Caving to pressure on their hair choices

What Merch Have You Purchased?
All Korean audio and video releases
Over half of all the Japanese audio and video releases
All sorts of other merchandise (T-shirts, keychains, cups, etc.)

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